We believe social entrepreneurship can be the answer for challenges and promoting the knowledge about the concept can both increase young people's chances on the job market and give them an opportunity to get involved in their communities. 

Even though the idea of SE is already quite spread among the youth workers, there is still a visible need for exchanging the experiences and knowledge on the topic,providing a proper flow of knowledge, especially between the countries from EU and Eastern Partnership.

The propose project is part of a series Keys to Employability (previous editions were devoted to soft skills and intercultural competence) that is to explore new possibilities of addressing the topic of youth unemployment. 

This seminar is to gather 28 youth workers and young leaders and provide them with a space for sharing the expertise, exploring and reflecting on the notion of SE in a more in-depth manner and building an international network of the organizations devoted to promote youth entrepreneurship as a way for empowering young people and contributing to the development of the communities they live in.

  • To provide participants with a space for exchanging experience, tools and methods for promoting social entrepreneurship as a way for preventing youth exclusion from labor market
  • To reflect on the concept of SE from different perspectives and discuss its connection to youth work, especially in the context of implementing activities in rural/deprived urban areas
  • To identify the challenges and possible solutions connected to work with youth at risk of permanent unemployment
  • To build a network of like-minded organizations interested in further international cooperation on the topic of the seminar